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All the advice, tips, know-hows on the your next career step, the job search process, and finding balance along the way 

How to Ace Your Interview at a Tech Company
Interviews for tech companies can go 1 of 2 ways: It can feel like a nice catch up with a long lost friend or an awkward date that you can’t wait to be over. The problem is, you don’t want to be in the 2nd situation halfway through the interview.
Meet Laurie
Laurie knew she needed to make a change when she found herself dreading to wake up every morning to go to work. She approached Bessy and they worked together to revamp Laurie’s resume and figure out which companies to talk to.
Meet Amy
Amy went from receiving no responses throughout a year of applying to getting 4 tech interviews from Google, Lyft, McKinzey, and more in a month! She then got an offer at a market research and consulting firm and managed to take a 25-day break before her new job in tech started in December.
More Mature than Your Years? 5 Ways to Connect with Millenials
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How I Used Tinder to Figure Out What I Wanted To Do With My Life
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The Ultimate Guide to Finding Balance
This is guide is originally part of a 33-page pdf guide. It’s 10,482 words long with the specific 8-part system that help[...]


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Bessy Tam is a career coach who helps marketers get into tech. She’s helped dozens of clients get interviews and offers from companies such as Google, Lyft, Amazon, and Mckinsey.

She currently works at Google and plans to helps as many people as possible to get their dream job in tech.